Coyote Kendama Pro

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Yomega’s all wood Kendama Pro is a quality addition to our Skill Toy Collection. Many styles and finish are available.


The Kendama Pro Coyote Series was created to capture the spirit of the Great American Desert, a unique and challenging landscape. Yomega offers 3 patterns: The Trickster, Painted Desert and Malachite.   Malachite is a soft and beautiful green mineral used in jewelry for thousands of years. It is found in the desert regions of the US and in Russia, Australia, Africa, Central America and Europe. The Desert Paint pattern mimics the Vermillion Cliffs of Arizona and Utah. Coyotes are the Trickster in Native American tales – a great symbol for Kendama players! Our Coyote Kendama is painted in a Pacific Northwest pattern. Be sure to notice the characters within the body of the Coyote. Even the image is a trick!   Each pattern comes with extra string.



1 review for Coyote Kendama Pro

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    After having played a Coyote Kendama Pro for a few months, I feel confident is saying that it plays really well.

    The Coyote kendama has a few differences/advantages over the other kendama pros. First, the designs are very bright and visually pleasing. Not only that, but the paint is very durable so the kendama still looks great after months of play. The paint starts out quite slippery but breaks in nicely as it starts to absorb oils from your hands over time.

    The Coyote kendama I have now has a perfect balance between sticky and slippery for balance tricks, and still looks great.

    I would definitely recommend it to any beginner or even a seasoned kendama player.

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