Crossfire Yo-Yo

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Crossfire is in the “Pro” level of the “Yo to Pro” System, meaning it can perform advanced as well as basic tricks.



For a limited time, we’re running a revival of three of our most popular discontinued yo-yos. The Yomega® Crossfire is a wide, H-shaped yoyo that’s perfect for all types of string tricks. It’s rim-weighted for maximum spin times, and features a super-smooth “C” sized bearing and silicone pad return system. Available in a beautiful translucent orange.

Specs on the Crossfire Yo-yo: Weight: 63 grams Width: 38.73mm Diameter: 56.7mm Return System: Silicone Stickers Gap Width: 3mm Bearing: Size C .25″x.50″x.187″

1 review for Crossfire Yo-Yo

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    Haven’t used a yo yo in years and previously I had a fireball, I mainly only did loops and trapeze with it and struggled with trying to do more advanced tricks. It just seemed harder to land it on the string from a break away. Flash forward to now and I decided to put my money toward the cross fire with its nice shape and great price and I’d have to this guy is Smooth easy to learn more advanced string tricks. So if you are quick to master the beginner tricks I’d probably say to buy this one to start out with.

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